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My husband has lost quite a bit of weight over the last year or so. Weight loss brings along some really nice perks. He feels better. He sleeps better. He doesn’t snore as badly. He has more energy. He looks awesome… But he also had to buy a bunch of new clothes. His dress shirts still fit fine. They just look better on him. :) His jeans were another story. They were practically falling off of him without a belt.

So, as he retired a pair of jeans, the fabric “collector” in me (I’m not a hoarder, I swear!!) couldn’t bear to part with that much usable yardage! I started stashing them away last summer. I started saving the kids’ outgrown jeans too… And then I started saving twill fabrics from other projects. I didn’t really have a plan until November.

IMG_4232aWe went to St. Augustine for Veteran’s Day weekend. It was a little cold and windy (for Florida) when we went to the beach. Far too cold to get in the water, which turned out to be just fine because the beach we visited had riptide warnings anyway. No swimming allowed.

We didn’t dress for swimming. We took a picnic and played football. We hunted for shells. Even the little one didn’t mind not swimming, and that kid would probably swim in a snowstorm if such a thing ever happened here!IMG_4234a


IMG_0736aAs we were leaving the beach, I thought about how nice it was not to be absolutely covered in sand. No sandy shower right before jumping in the car. It was so nice to enjoy the beach and leave the sand behind. It was then that I decided to turn my stash of jeans into a beach quilt. Not that I think it will help so much with the sandy shower situation, but because sometimes it’s nice to have a sand free zone. Ok, sand-free isn’t realistic either… Sometimes it’s nice to have a comfy blanket at the beach, and denim is durable.

I didn’t really follow a pattern. I just cut some squares 9 1/2″ and some 6 1/2″ and some rectangles. Then I laid out the blocks on my design wall– umm floor– and rearranged them until I liked the layout.a021414_0295




I sandwiched the top and bottom together without any batting. Can I still call that a quilt sandwich? There’s no filling! :) I didn’t want my quilt to get too heavy, especially when it’s slightly damp, so I omitted the batting. I also picture sand somehow getting lodged within the batting, and that grosses me out a little…

I free-motioned swirly loops all over the quilt, and then machine bound with a red swirly twill from Premier Prints. (In fact, all the prints you see here are from Premier Prints.) a022014_0290

b022014_0288We had planned on visiting the beach for President’s Day, but I was sick, so we haven’t been able to use the “Twill Be at the Beach” quilt at the beach yet. But, it has been used in some fun backyard picnics!aphoto