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This isn’t the first blog I’ve ever started, but it is the first blog I’ve planned. And, I’m excited to share my adventures in the kitchen and in the sewing studio.  So, here goes!


Hi! I’m Kara!



Me and my boys at Daytona Beach, FL. Summer 2013

I’m a Texas girl currently living in Florida.  I love it here, but I do miss home.  My husband and I have three boys. (No. We don’t want to try for a girl.)  They keep us busy, stress us out, makes tons of noise, and a lot of messes, but we love them.  Wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love to sew, and I’ve sewn clothes and potholders.  I’ve sewn doll clothes and doll blankets.  I made a bathrobe for my grandfather once. And one time, I made a Halloween costume two hours before trick or treating.  Quilting is my new favorite. Once upon a time, when people asked me about my sewing, I’d tell them, “I do love to sew, but I don’t quilt.  That’s for old ladies.”  I was in my twenties and truly saw quilting as an art form, yes, but art for old people. 

Blogs changed that for me.  I began to see sewing as more than following a pattern from Simplicity or McCalls.  What? People— everyday normal people— can create their own patterns? What? I don’t need a tissue paper pattern to sew something?  What? Quilts aren’t made out of random found fabrics by old ladies?

I love the modern quilt movement, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  I love that my favorite means of artistic expression isn’t going the way of the dinosaur (as it may have seemed to me at one time).

My brother Jared with the quilt I made for him.

My brother Jared with the quilt I made for him.

Sewing is definitely my creative outlet, but I have a passion for food, too.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered on food – like the time that my brother and I played in the sand while my parents dragged a net in the water. We had boiled crab and drawn butter that night. Or, the chocolate sheet cake that my mom perfected.  It is the standard birthday cake in our house.


Now that I’m grown, I hope to create positive food memories and experiences for my kids, and I want them to learn how to feed themselves in a world that is too full of convenience and junk food.  Don’t expect health food from me, but don’t look for cream of anything soup in any of my food either.  I strive for balance and moderation.

Got a bonus yolk while teaching oldest how to cook eggs. Score!

Got a bonus yolk while teaching the oldest how to cook eggs. Score!

I plan to share my favorite recipes, successes and maybe my failures too. Everyone has a flop in the kitchen every now and then.  I plan to share my adventures in quilting, my successes and my mistakes too.  That’s the cool thing about quilting, usually the mistakes just require a seam ripper or a new cut of fabric.  A messed up dinner may end up in the garbage, but sometimes the burnt suppers make the funniest memories.



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