27. February 2015 · Comments Off on QuiltCon: My Favorite Quilts · Categories: About Me, Events, quilts

Me and Mom and NannyI had never attended a modern quilt show until last weekend. I’ve seen some quilt shows before, full of very traditional quilts honoring echniques and methods established by women from another place in time. Beautiful quilts — don’t get me wrong! Traditional quilts are, perhaps, made more interesting and appealing because of the history and nostalgia embedding with each stitch. Traditional quilts are beautiful (as are art quilts — I’ll discuss the “definitions” of these categories another time), but that just isn’t the type of quilt that speaks to me.  It’s not the type of quilt that I enjoy making.

I love modern quilts. I love the bright, saturated colors, the modern prints, the crisp lines, and I love the effects of breaking away from the traditional quilting rules, visual effects like: abundant negative space, alternate grid layouts, and wonky improvisational shapes. In short, I love modern quilts.

Modern quilting is the art that speaks to me.

QuiltCon is the perfect event for a modern quilter. Workshops and lectures and so many beautiful quilts… But perhaps, best of all, QuiltCon brings scores of like-minded people together in celebration of my kind of quilting. And, because QuiltCon was in Austin, I got to see some family and enjoy some Texas food! What a nice bonus!

Enough talk. Here are my favorite quilts from the show!